Tony Yayo Says 50 Cent Don’t Rock With Him Or Lloyd Banks

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Tony Yayo Says 50 Cent Don't Rock With Him Or Lloyd Banks

After years of being loyal to 50 Cent and G-Unit brand, member Tony Yayo has had it. He took to social media Wednesday (Feb. 19) to express his frustrations and say he’s moving on.

“To much stress i flew the world already dropped an album time to try new things and the unit not together f*** it,” Yayo wrote on Instagram. “To many bitch ass n****s want you to brown nose all the time homie… 50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same I layed my life down for the unit but you live and learn.”

Yayo’s comments come on the heels of 50 Cent’s announcement of a new distribution deal with Caroline/Capitol/UMG… and the release date for his upcoming Animal Ambition LP.

On Twitter, an upset Yayo says his unwavering loyalty toward G-Unit is not appreciated, and announces his next venture, Passport Gang.

“Loyalty get you nowhere in life it’s better to be a snake you’ll get further trust me,” he tweeted. “It’s funny how things and people change where all my so call freinds go.”


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McDonald’s Secret Menu Item Hacks

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In-N-Out is known for its special menu items not publicized, such as “Animal Style” versions of your burger or fries. But, McDonald’s has some secret menu choices you may not know about as well.

The folks over at BuzzFeed recently put together a video piece highlighting specific items they recommend viewers try out — including a Big Mac with eight patties; a Big Mac, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish combined; a Big Mac with quarter-pounder buns;

Ex-NBA Player Javaris Crittenton Indicted On Drug Charges

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Former first-round NBA draft pick, Javaris Crittenton, has made headlines in the past few years for murder and gang activity charges, and now, he’s been named in an indictment for drug trafficking.

According, he’s among 14 people named in the indictment that was brought forth from an investigation conducted by the federal DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). A source said Crittenton conspired to deal cocaine and marijuana in the months before he was indicted for his alleged role in an August 2011 Atlanta murder.

Agents visited his home early Wednesday morning (Jan. 15), arrested Crittenton and booked him into the Fulton County Jail.

While it’s unclear how long he was allegedly dealing cocaine and marijuana, he’s in a heap of other trouble as wel.

Crittenton was indicted in April 2013, alongside his cousin Douglas Gamble, for the murder of 22-year-old mother Julian Jones. The 12-count indictment also accused the two of participating in a criminal street gang and linked both to a second shooting in Atlanta that occurred five days before Jones’ death.

Court docs say both August 2011 shootings were in retaliation for a robbery committed against Crittenton and his cousin in April of that same year. They were held up at gunpoint by two men outside a southwest Atlanta barbershop and robbed of more than $55,000 worth of personal items and jewelry.

Jen Selter’s Butt Turns Her Into Instagram Star

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Does Jen Selter have the best butt on Instagram? If the amount of followers she’s racked up since joining in any indication, then definitely yes.

The 20-year-old Instagram star has garnered a huge Internet following, all credited to her round booty, which she shows off regularly on the service in skin-tight yoga pants. She’s so popular, even celebrities follow and admire — including Rihanna, New York Knicks big man Amar’e Stoudemire, and former NFL star Terrell Owens.

In a piece for the New York Post, Selter explained that she joined Instagram in March 2012. At the time, she was attending cosmetology school, and working at a gym and a plastic surgeon’s office. But soon, thousands of followers came and then hundreds of thousands. She’s since racked up nearly 1.7 million followers, resulting in endorsement deals… and even her own line of products.

Each photo she shares easily records more than 70,000 likes. How? Why?

Sure, there’s plenty of girls who show of their bodies on Instagram. Jen, however, looks at it as though she’s doing a service for others, providing motivation to get in shape. “I’ll never post a raunchy pic. There’s a difference between a porn-site picture and gym wear or bikini wear,” she tells the paper. “Everything’s usually yoga pants. Yes, it can be showy, but I’ve seen a lot worse. And if it motivates people to get their butts up and go to the gym, why not?”

Selter decided to skip college for Internet fame. She wouldn’t tell the Post how much she makes, but so far, has landed deals with NYC water company NY20 and nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition, as a spokeswoman. And, says her butt has helped her rake in “a lot more money than a graduate would be making.”

What’s next? She says her own line of workout wear.

“Everyone always wants to know what leggings I’m wearing. So why not make my own?” Selter asks. Or, maybe a chain of “like cool gyms, like with some glowing stuff.”

You can follow Jen on Instagram at @JenSelter.