2 Chainz Arrested In Maryland For Marijuana Possession

2 Chainz was arrested in Maryland on Thursday (February 14), after being caught with marijuana.

According to TMZ.com, the rapper (real name: Tauheed Epps) was busted at around 10 pm in Easton, MD after police pulled over a white van he was traveling in with six others.

2 Chainz, however, was popped with weed in his possession and arrested — the only individual in the vehicle to be taken into custody. He was taken to a nearby station where he was booked, released and even took a picture with police … but the rapper says he only took the shot because the officers asked him to… which he ranted about on Twitter.

“dam police f***n wit a n****,” 2 Chainz tweeted (@2Chainz), later adding the photo. “Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh (shakin’ my head).”

He would later claim he didn’t exactly have marijuana either, saying he was bused with a grinder, a device used to crush your weed. “We to jail for a grinder??? REALLY??? … I work hard and pray even harder , we gone always b good yall…. Not to mention my security said it was his and they said , he don’t smoke ,, how da fuk u know? Haha wut a valentines day!!!”

If the cops took the photo, they texted it back to 2 Chainz? Sounds kinda weird.



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