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Ride for La

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La Ride for kids May 15th Palos Verdes, Ca. Riding the entire ride from the IE in the rain to benefit children with brain tumors. Over 370 riders registered for the ride. Over 700 in attendance for the event. When the ride started the sun did come out. This benefit was meaningful to me I enjoyed being a part of it.


Chaparral Bike nite

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Chaparral June 1st 6pm San Bernardino, Ca. 600 people were in attendance. They had an area blocked off for the stunt show where people waited along the fence for the show to begin.. The show went well and the crowd went crazy. I did a major burnout at the end of the show where I blew my motor. I signed about 30 autographs and passed out stickers when it was all over.

Elko Bike Rally

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Elko Nevada June 17th 2pm and 5pm June 18th 2 and 5 pm. Both days were.good shows with great turnouts with over 600 the first day and 800 the second day. The drive was over 11 hours long but worth it. The street was blocked off downtown and the show was right in front of the casino. After the shows I did autograph signings and passed out all of the posters I had. The kids went crazy over the posters and stickers and I actually had them form a line because they were all about to fight over them. Had a blast riding with Aaron Colton. It was a great show. They want me to return next year for another show.<img src="” alt=”” title=”elko2″ width=”614″ height=”460″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-436″ />