Ice-T’s model wifey, Nicole “Coco” Austin, hit the catwalk this week in New York for Fashion Week, helping designers Sachika model a new, very revealing dress.

The voluptuous Coco gave fashionistas an eyeful when she strutted down the runway in a tight-fitting blue dress with sheer panelling around the back showcasing … well, let’s say it gave a whole new meaning to the term “plumber’s crack.”

Here’s what the UK’s Daily Mail said about her catwalk strut:

With her platinum blonde hair swept up into a dramatic updo and a pair of gold Christian Louboutin heels, Coco looked in her element as she sashayed down the catwalk at Style360’s Metropolitan Pavilion.

As she entered the catwalk, it looked like she was wearing a regular bodycon dress, but when she turned around to head backstage, she gave the guests a view of her famous derriere through the pink sheer panelling on the back.

After showcasing the blue number, she changed into a short, gold dress with a very low-cut top, as she showed off her customized, silver “Coco Edition” Cadillac.


One Response to “ice-ts-wife-coco-gives-plumbers-crack-new-meaning-at-new-york-fashion-week-event”

  1. Coco looks so hot. Sachika really knows what they are doing in the fashion world!

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