Brock Lesnar Shows the Heart of a Champion With Submission In Comeback Win At UFC 116

Brock Lesnar retained his undisputed heavyweight belt at UFC 116 in Las Vegas on Saturday night (July 3), taking a submission win over Shane Carwin.

He also proved he’s worthy of of the title too. The champ showed tremendous heart to comeback from both a serious illness earlier this year and to weather a barrage of blows from his opponent in the first round.

In the opening round, Carwin was able to land a devastating uppercut to Brock’s chin, knocking him down and putting him on the defense.. Despite being the noticeably smaller man, Carwin had Brock on his back and in survival mode, as he teed off with punch after punch — and a few elbows — to the face of Lesnar.

It almost looked as though Lesnar was done for, but he weathered the storm and Carwin began to tire after deliveringĀ  a countless blows to a now bleeding Lesnar. From half-guard, Lesnar was able to work himself back to his feet. From there, the champ held Carwin against the cage and ran out the clock on Round 1.

With his face bloodied and swollen, Lesner’s trainers tell him that Carwin has run out of gas, and its his turn … and they were right.

As the second round started, Carwin is noticeably fatigued, breathing heavily and not throwing many punches. Lesnar sees that and takes advantage. He goes for the takedown and succeeds. With Carwin on his back, Lesnar moves from half-guard to mount, and then quickly to side control to apply an arm triangle.

Lesnar has it tight, but Carwin seems ok. But, he leans into it, positions himself and it was all she wrote for Carwin, who tapped out at 2:19.

“I just had to weather the storm,” said Lesnar, who moved to 6-1 with his second UFC title defense. “He has some heavy shots. I just had to hang back. I knew he was getting tired. Each shot was less dramatic than the other. I thought, ‘I’ll just let him go.’ ”

According to reports, 35-year-old Carwin landed 57 punches in the opening round, but it wasn’t enough. Lesnar took his “interim” UFC heavyweight champion, which was created while Lesnar faced the uncertainty of a return late last year due to a serious aliment called diverticulitis that opened a hole in the lining of his stomach.

Following his win, Lesnar dedicated the victory to the people close to him and who helped him make his comeback. While he admitted he was humbled Saturday evening, Lesnar also made it clear that he still one bad mothef***er!

“This isn’t about me tonight,” Lesnar said. “This is about my family. This is about my doctors. My training partners. My training staff. I’m blessed by god. Ladies and gentleman, I stand before you a humble champion. And I’m still the toughest SOB around, baby.”

It was Carwin’s first professional loss.

During the rest of the evening’s fights, Chris Leben won by submission at 4:30 in the third round over Yoshihiro Akiyama; Chris Lytle won by submission over Matt Brown in the second round; Stephen Bonnar won by TKO in the second round over Krzysztof Soszynski; and George Sotriopolous won a unanimous decision over Kurt Pellegrino.

The UFC’s next pay-per-view will be UFC 117, which goes down on August 7th. The main event will see Anderson Silva take on Chael Sonnen.

The undercards include Jon Fitch versus Thiago Alves, Clay Guida versus Rafael Dos Anjos, Matt Hughes versus Ricardo Almeida, Roy Nelson versus Junior Dos Santos, and Thiago Silva versus Tim Boetsch, among others.


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