This week, a new art gallery launched, but it’s located almost anywhere. It’s called Edition One Hundred, a gallery without walls, open 24 hours a day in any time zone around the globe. It is located

On Wednesday (June 30), Edition One Hundred launched with “I LOVE LA,” a month-long exhibition curated by founder Cat Jimenez celebrating the influence of the Los Angeles art scene on its denizens, and its impact around the globe.

Fusing high and low, young and old, independent and commercial cultures, the I LOVE LA exhibition features local artists, from the famous to the unknown including B+, Augustine Kofie, Estevan Oriol, Miles Regis, Katie Shapiro, and Tasya van Ree. Jimenez brought the six of them together to reveal the power of their imagination, as it is made manifest for the pleasure of art collecting.

Each artist’s work is printed in an exclusive edition of 100, and each print sells for $100. All prints are signed by the artist, come with a certificate of authenticity, and are made exclusively on Mohawk papers unless otherwise indicated.

“I LOVE LA is about the artists who chose LA, who create in LA and who help to inspire Los Angelenos and the world,” the company said in a press release. “These artists belong to their own respective communities. In bringing them together under Edition One Hundred, they get to belong to another community, or the first ‘class’ of Edition One Hundred artists.”

Artist Estevan Oriol, known as a veteran photographer and music video director in Los Angeles, is heavily influenced by the city, as evident in his art — from the people to the landscape, he just loves it.

“I live in San Fernando Valley and work in East Downtown by the LA River. It affects me a great deal there is a lot of homeless downtown, so you never get a chance to get ungrateful,” said Oriol. “I love downtown it has great locations for shooting and we are right next to the LA River. East LA Is right over the bridge, we are close to everything. Where I live my block is cool but the neighborhood always has something going on; the ghetto bird is always by the pad It makes me feel like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas when the helicopter was following him.”

By buying a piece of art from the I Love LA exhibition, you will contributing to charity as well. A portion of the exhibition’s proceeds will benefit a charity of each artists’ choice. Estevan Oriol, for example, chose LA-based gang program Homeboy Industries.

“I chose to have my print sales support Homeboy Industries in Downtown LA,” said Oriol. “There are so many charities that do the same thing, but I think what father Greg Boyle and his team do is unique and I have seen the results firsthand. He’s helped out friends of mine. They have the tattoo removal, the bakery, restaurant, gift shop, and all types of programs to help people get jobs, education, self improvement, and help with addictions.”

Ten percent of the sales of Estevan Oriol’s prints will be donated to Homeboy Industries ( in Los Angeles, which assists at-risk and formerly gang-involved youth to become positive and contributing members of society through job placement, training and education.

For more information, or to visit the online exhibition, visit

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