By now, you’ve probably seen the newest Kia commercial which features hamsters dancing along to Black Sheep’s 1990s hit, “The Choice Is Yours.” Nice payday right?

Maybe, but it wasn’t the group’s choice at all.

In a recent interview with, group member Dres revealed that Black Sheep didn’t have any hand in getting the song to the Korean automaker, nor were they contacted to approve it.

He says, Universal made the choice.

“I wasn’t even contacted,” Dres told Vibe. “I have yet to receive payment on it but don’t get it twisted, I will. I’ve been talking to Kia for the past week or two so certain things might be done moving forward in maximizing what we’re trying to do. But Universal, the record label, was basically the ones that signed off on it and gave [Kia Motors] permission to use my likeness, so that’s a different story that might wind up having a life of itself as well.”

Despite not being commissioned for the marketing campaign, the rapper’s not mad about it at all. He calls it a blessing.

“God moves in mysterious ways and I see it as a blessing at the end of the day,” he said.

Black Sheep recently dropped a brand new album, titled From The Black Pook Of Genius, their first since 2006’s 8WM/Novakane. It features guest spots from Jean Grae, Rhymefest, Psycho Les, Q-Tup and Rosie Perez.

The album is in stores now.

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