Suge Knight, Kanye West Meet Face-To-Face To Discuss 2005 Shooting

Former hip-hop mogul Suge Knight met face-to-face with Kanye West in New York on Friday (June 18). in an effort to settle a lawsuit Suge filed against the rapper last year, according to the Associated Press.

Both met to talk about West’s star-studded pre-VMAs party in Miami in 2005, which ended in Knight being shot in the leg — and later resulting in Knight suing both West and the Shore Club’s owners, claiming they were responsible because they didn’t provide enough security.

The Death Row Records founder told the APthat he hoped that both men could settle it out of court.

“I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved,” Knight said of the six-hour, closed-door session in New York. “I’m disappointed.”

Knight’s lawyer, Marc Brumer, said that West said he wasn’t involved in the security arrangements for the party. And in court papers, West and the Shore Club ownership have denied Knight’s claims of negligence.

The 2005 club shooting shattered Knight’s femur and left him with $200,000 in medical bills, Brumer said.

Since it took place, no one has been arrested. Also in attendance that evening was Jessica Alba, Eddie Murphy, the Black Eyed Peas and Paris Hilton.

In his lawsuit against West, Knight claims he’s gone through months of physical therapy, suffered permanent impairment in his mobility, and racked up significant medical expenses — including medical treatment, ambulance costs, and the costs of a private jet to transport him from Miami to Los Angeles.

He’s seeking over $1 million in damages, to cover medical bills and the lost of a 15-carat diamond stud earring worth $135,000.

If Knight sees any of that money, he’ll have to share it with a bankruptcy trustee and the IRS.

A trial date has been set for December 6th in Miami.

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