Would you pay to see Tyson fight Holyfield again?
Is Mike Tyson planning to stage a comeback in boxing? That’s the rumor floating around.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the 44-year-old boxing great is eligible for induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. But, that will have to wait … if he fights again.

Apparently, there’s a rumor that Tyson is planning a fight against another ’90s boxing great, Evander Holyfield, which would delay his induction into the hall … if it happens.

“There has been talk that Tyson will fight Evander Holyfield again, a match that shouldn’t happen but might because of the money involved,” Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole said.

Boxers are required to be retired for five years before being eligible, so the former heavyweight champion will should appear on the ballot for the first time next year.

His last fight was in 2005, against Kevin McBride, who stopped Tyson in the sixth round.

At the time of his retirement, Tyson had lost three out of his last four fights, and in each, didn’t appear to have enough stamina to go past two good rounds.

If the bout against Holyfield takes place, it will be the third time the boxing legends will face each other. Holyfield was declared the winner in their two previous fights, with the last ending in the now infamous ear biting incident.

While it’s assumed that it’d be a pay-per-view event, critics are questioning whether it’d be worth paying to see, since both are way past their primes.


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