The world’s first motorcycle on spokeless rims VERRRY NICCE!!!

There’s no denying that the wheel is one of the most remarkable inventions of mankind and the driving force of the global automotive industry, but somewhere down the line it needed to be fashioned ahead on the path of new technologies with a state-of-the-art innovation. So, to seize the first opportunity in leading the way on wheels without axles and spokes, Amen Design Company has created a motorcycle. Though the first sight makes it hard to believe that such a machine can actually move, it won’t be hard to understand the principle of operation as the wheels are in place, and tires spin on finger bearings with added advantages of less weight, better braking, vibration reduction and removing some of the other technical limitations. Despite the fact that this kind of wheel is difficult and expensive to make, however, no one can evade the cool looks of this head-turning monster on the road.

One Response to “The world’s first motorcycle on spokeless rims VERRRY NICCE!!!”

  1. thats sooo old… i kno bout this bike from 2 years

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